NoCoNet Nonprofit Status and Donations
There are many kinds of nonprofits in the country, and they are not all equal in the eyes of the IRS (Internal Revenue Bureau). This document is to clarify where NoCoNet fits and what rights and responsibilities we have with our current status.
IN BRIEF:NoCoNet has never sought nor received any designation as a tax-exempt organization, a 501(c)3, for example. That means: 

  • We pay taxes for all of our purchases of supplies and services (such as web hosting) for the organization. Some service providers choose to give us a discount as a nonprofit; there is no tax credit for them if they do so.
  • We have no employees or paid positions (all-volunteer).
  • We do not charge anyone for membership or for our services.
  • We do not submit quarterly taxes to the State or Federal Government (as a 501(c)3 would be required to do).
  • Although NoCoNet has a status as a registered nonprofit organization in good standing with the State of Colorado (via the Secretary of State), we have no status with the IRS or the Federal Government (which the State uses as its guideline regarding taxes), nor do we need one to operate as a legal entity.
  • No donations are eligible for tax deductions for the donor, including money, time, or expertise. This means NoCoNet does not pay presenters, volunteers, other service providers, or the locations where we hold our meetings, for their services, nor do we provide them with documentation for them to request tax deductions from the IRS for their donations.
  • We do provide thank you notes acknowledging significant gifts, without specifying the value or time spent on the volunteer activity.

NoCoNet also limits the opportunity for members, partners, and presenters to self-promote (other than for work-related skills development, such as elevator speeches), advertise, etc. for profit, as it is antithetical to the purpose of NoCoNet. We protect our members from exploitation while giving them access to high quality services and information.For reference purposes, please view the IRS presentation below, paying special attention to the slides specified.
Donations gratefully accepted (not tax deductible). Please mail to: P.O. Box 270342Fort Collins, CO 80527  In the future, look for our PayPal button.