The Northern Colorado Networking Group (NoCoNet) is Northern Colorado's premier job search network. We are a group of experienced, educated and/or credentialed professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills, who are reigniting our careers in a self-reliant manner.
We welcome new members!  
Over 1000 NoCoNet members have found employment in Northern Colorado. These alumni are encouraged to maintain contact with the group, sharing leads and tips.
NoCoNet's purpose is to support career development. We do this by:

  • Fostering development of relationships that will lead to effective career networking
  • Providing a mechanism for people to share current job leads
  • Offering weekly presentations and workshops on career development and job-search skills
  • Offering career-development resources (website and a private LinkedIn group)
  • Providing an emotionally supportive environment
  • Connecting recruiters and companies to our membership network, and inviting them to our meetings and job fairs

While membership is free and open to the public, all members are expected to find ways of contributing to the success of the organization. Our motto is "Give to Get."
 To learn more, please feel free to attend a meeting or contact us.