Team Information

NoCoNet is operated by member volunteers working together in various Teams.  Information about these committees is available on their individual pages.

  • The Leadership Team is comprised of NoCoNet's officers and the chairs of its various committees. 
  • Program Team: coordinates the weekly presentations, workshops, and social events.
  • Membership Team: directs new member orientation & manages member information.
  • Employer Liaison Team: coordinates and schedules the visits of Employers and Recruiters at weekly NoCoNet Meetings & twice-yearly Job Fairs.
  • Setup Team: prepares the meeting room & coffee set-up prior to each NoCoNet meeting and event, and returns the rooms to original state after meetings.
  • Social Media Team: uses social networking to serve the members of NoCoNet and assists with LinkedIn questions.
  • Web Team: ensures that the NoCoNet website is in good working order.
  • Special Project Team: serves unique, non-standard projects of NoCoNet.