Leadership Team

The NoCoNet Leadership Team is comprised of NoCoNet's officers, board members and the chairs of its various teams. 
You can contact the Team Chairs and officers by using the 'Contact' tab.
Program Team Co-Chairs:        Jeremy Schultz                                   program@noconet.org
Membership Team Co-Chairs:  Marina Volosov      Keith Manley    membership@noconet.org
Set-Up Team Co-Chair:             Ken Keil                                                setup@noconet.org
Employer Liaison Team Co-Chair (Acting):    Linae Warden          employerliaison@noconet.org
Social Media Team Co-Chair:     (OPEN)                                               socialmedia@noconet.org
President:                                 Linae Warden                                           president@noconet.org