Leadership Team

The NoCoNet Leadership Team is comprised of NoCoNet's officers, board members and the chairs of its various teams. 
You can contact the Team Co-Chairs and officers by using the 'Contact' tab.
Program Team:        Jeremy Schultz & Yaping Mosier                     program@noconet.org
Membership Team:  Marina Volosov      Keith Manley                   membership@noconet.org
Set-Up Team:             Paul Caterisano & Jake Bobula                      setup@noconet.org
Employer Liaison Team : Linae Warden (acting) & Ted Brenneman    employerliaison@noconet.org
Social Media Team:     Mike Ewer & Terrie Palmer                           socialmedia@noconet.org
President:                                 Linae Warden                                         president@noconet.org