Social Media Team

Our Mission: To create a knowledgeable team to help other NoCoNet members use social media platforms for job seeking and networking; and to promote NoCoNet events and resources. We strive to create a welcoming and collaborative environment to help members develop and maintain a social media presence for the purpose of finding employment.
How We Help NoCoNet Members:  The Social Media Team offers help sessions and programs after the general NoCoNet Monday meeting ends (~11:15 AM) in the New Membership room. Come, join us for collaborative working sessions both as a group and for one-on-one help. Come and learn more about LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, and other Social Media platforms.  Topic of programs include optimizing your LinkedIn profile, using Twitter to find jobs, and managing FaceBook privacy settings. Please bring your laptop or wi-fi enabled device. It’s a great way to get to meet and continue networking with other NoCoNet members.  It’s an opportunity to have a scheduled time slot for yourself to manage your LinkedIn profile.
Meeting Cancellations:  If there is not a general meeting on Monday (ex. Memorial Day, Labor Day), Social Media will not meet.  Refer to the Poudre School District Schedule for cancellations - if school is cancelled or delayed due to weather, Social Media will not meet.
Connect with us on LinkedIn:  We encourage all job seekers to have a LinkedIn account for networking purposes. We encourage all NoCoNet members to join our LinkedIn Group. Just follow the link and click the "Ask to join" button. Please allow a few days for our volunteer to approve your request.

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