October 2020 Employer Liaison Team Newsletter

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vol 1: October 2020

Hello Friends of NoCoNet!

This is the first issue of our new quarterly newsletter
for employers who have worked with NoCoNet.
In this issue, we recap who we are and where we came from, and share
where and what we are doing during this time of social-distancing.

History of NoCoNet

NoCoNet was created in 2002 by several Hewlett-Packard employees who had been laid off. Their mission was to form a networking group to support one another in finding new jobs. Since then, NoCoNet has become a robust job search network.

Our members have diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences and a common goal: they want to return to the workforce in some capacity.

NoCoNet membership is free and meetings are open to the public. Our mission remains the same: to help each other find jobs. Toward that aim, we develop partnerships with employers who will benefit from our pool of skilled, experienced candidates.

NoCoNet serves both employers and our membership by:

  • Fostering relationships that lead to effective career networking;
  • Providing a mechanism for people to share current job leads;
  • Offering weekly presentations and workshops on career development and job search skills;
  • Offering career-development resources, including a website and a private LinkedIn group;
  • Providing an emotionally supportive environment; and
  • Connecting recruiters and companies to our membership network, and inviting them to our meetings and job fairs.

What is NoCoNet doing now? Zoom!

NoCoNet quickly adapted to “stay at home” and “safer at home” requirements by shifting our weekly meetings to Zoom teleconferencing. Meeting agendas are essentially the same as they were pre-pandemic:

  • Welcome
  • Announcements, including employers interested in speed interviewing during or after the meeting (more details below);
  • Networking activity (using Zoom break-out rooms for groups of 3 to 5 people to discuss a question of the day);
  • Featured speaker presentation; and
  • Final announcements and poll.

What about Speed Interviewing?

Speed interviewing has been a popular and effective component of our weekly meetings. We’ve been exploring Zoom’s capabilities to test its use for speed interviewing, and we’re now ready to try it in real time!

We are looking for additional employer-partners who’d like to try virtual speed interviewing. It is similar to in-person speed interviewing, but the interview itself takes place in a Zoom break-out room. During meeting announcements, you (or your company representative) will introduce yourself and your company and describe the positions you’d like to fill. Members indicate their interest by posting in the Zoom chat (which is moderated by the NoCoNet host/co-host), and at the appropriate time, you and the member are admitted into the Zoom break-out room for a private conversation. The Zoom host will let you know when time’s up, and will admit the next candidate to the break-out room. Speed interviews can take place either during the meeting or after the meeting, depending on your preferences and break-out room availability.

Interested in virtual speed interviewing at an upcoming NoCoNet meeting? Email us!

How May We Help You?

Need more information? Have an idea for a future program? Want to share your experience with us? Email us at EmployerLiaison@noconet.org.


Do you have a story to tell?
Have you found employees through
a connection through NoCoNet?
Are you an employee who found a
position through a NoCoNet contact?
Tell us about it! Let us share your story!


Web: www.noconet.org
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