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See instructions below for connecting to our Virtual Meetings. 


Speaker:    Eric Lea
Program:  Job Fair Preparation

How to prepare for and what to expect from next week's job fair.

Eric Lea is a Vice President and Branch Director with Robert Half - Professional Talent Solutions Firm. Eric is also an alumnus of NoCoNet, as well as on the board of NoCoNet and has served NoCoNet for many years. He regularly supports us with the job fairs by giving us tips and etiquette for attending and interacting with the employers.

10/4/2021 -- NoCoNet Fall 2021 Job Fair!

NoCoNet Members and Veterans:    9:00 to 11:00 AM
Public:  10:00 to 11:00 AM

Register at:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMtd-mvrDIjGdGAs2TcYSMHYKPEuu3VGWcL


Speaker:    Adam crowe, LCEWD
Program:  Update on the Job Market


Meeting Access:

All meetings start at about 9:30. Please join us at around 9:15 for some additional discussion before we begin our program. These virtual meetings will help provide opportunities to:

  • Keep motivated
  • Interact with others
  • Share tips
  • Practice video meetings—Employers who are hiring are using this tool for interviewing. You may need to use it for working from home.
  • Network with others. We’ll have questions for discussion

 Here’s how to get the most out of online meeting.

  1. This Link will allow you to download a version of Zoom that includes the Log on info: 
    Just click this link, or enter it into your Web Browser.
  2. If you have a Zoom account, or have the software already installed, then you can log into the meeting directly. Meeting ID=824-361-161 Meeting Password =1234567
  3. As the meeting time nears, click on the Zoom Link to download the software or sign on with the login information directly into your currently installed zoom software. Please note if you're having problems setting up zoom software or getting connected you can contact Mark Wright at NocoNet@Micropos.us for some free IT support or practice before our Monday meeting.

 Tips for our meeting and other online meetings:

  • Use a device with a camera if possible so you can better participate. If you need to use your phone, you can still speak up, but we would love to see you on the screen. Also your phone will not show the slides. We’ll strive to provide other channels for information, but we love participation.
  • Since we plan to be on the screen, dress for success! Be groomed and dressed as you would usually attend NoCoNet.
  • When not speaking, keep your microphone muted. 
  • Make sure your name is displayed. You can set it by clicking "more" by your name in the "participants" window, and selecting "rename".
  • Display the "Chat" window (icon at the bottom of the main screen.) Information will often be shared through this window, and it is often used to ask questions. 
  • Also in the Chat window, you can network by sending private messages to other participants.
  • We can provide proof of meeting attendance for Unemployment benefit claims. Email us!