Upcoming Program Schedule & Holidays

See instructions below for connecting to our Virtual Meetings.


Speaker:   Dan Wilkewitz 
Program:  Negotiating Success

Dan Wilkewitz will discuss Negotiating Success.  Negotiating Success is an entertaining and informative presentation on the key elements to be aware of in any negotiation, especially your job search.  Understanding these keys will change the dynamic of your preparation for and responsiveness within a negotiation so that you can achieve the best outcome for all involved.


Memorial Day - No meeting.


Speaker:   Mathew West
Program:  Public Library Resources for job and company searches


Program:   Networking and Small Groups Practice - Led by NoCoNet Program Team


Meeting Access:

All meetings start at about 9:30. Please join us at around 9:15 for some additional discussion before we begin our program. These virtual meetings will help provide opportunities to:

  • Keep motivated
  • Interact with others
  • Share tips
  • Practice video meetings—Employers who are hiring are using this tool for interviewing. You may need to use it for working from home.
  • Network with others. We’ll have questions for discussion

 Here’s how to get the most out of online meeting.

  1. This Link will allow you to download a version of Zoom that includes the Log on info: 
    Just click this link, or enter it into your Web Browser.
  2. If you have a Zoom account, or have the software already installed, then you can log into the meeting directly. Meeting ID=824-361-161 Meeting Password =1234567
  3. As the meeting time nears, click on the Zoom Link to download the software or sign on with the login information directly into your currently installed zoom software. Please note if you're having problems setting up zoom software or getting connected you can contact Mark Wright at NocoNet@Micropos.us for some free IT support or practice before our Monday meeting.

 Tips for our meeting and other online meetings:

  • Use a device with a camera if possible so you can better participate. If you need to use your phone, you can still speak up, but we would love to see you on the screen. Also your phone will not show the slides. We’ll strive to provide other channels for information, but we love participation.
  • Since we plan to be on the screen, dress for success! Be groomed and dressed as you would usually attend NoCoNet.
  • We can provide proof of meeting attendance for Unemployment benefit claims. Email us!